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Maintain your vehicle's health

Car services and repairs

Maintaining your vehicle's health is always in your best interest. Cars that are well taken care of outperform and outlast those that are not.


Our expert auto technicians will assess your car and provide anything it needs, from routine maintenance to major auto repair services.


We offer you any service or repair that your vehicle might need. No need to look anywhere else.

Old or new, we can repair them all!

• Brakes

• Engine

• Cooling system

• Steering and suspension

• Air conditioning

Any repair that your car needs

• Exhaust

• Electronic system repairs

• Axles

• Drive shaft

• Transmission



State & Emission Inspection




• Pads and Shoes

• Rotors and Drums

• Calipers and Wheels Cylinders

• ABS Diagnostic and Repairs

• ABS Pump

• ABS Units

• ABS Sensor


• Tune Ups

• Gasket and Seals

• Timing Belt

• Fuel Pump

• Head Gaskets

• Oil Changes

• Fuel Injectors

Cooling Systems

• Radiator

• Water Pumps

• Heater Cores

• Radiator Hoses

• Heater Hoses

• Thermostat

• Belts

• Flush and Fill

Steering and Suspension

• Alignments

• Strut and Shocks

• Rack and Pinion Steering

• Ball Joints and Tie Rod Ends

• Spring

• Control Arm

• Power and Steering Gear Box

• Electronic Suspension Repair and   Diagnostic

• Mounting and Balancing Tire

• Power Steering Pump

Air Conditioning

• A/C Recharge and A/C Dye

• A/C Compressors

• A/C Diagnostic and Repair  electrical System

• A/C Controls

• A/C Condensor

• A/C Evaporator Core


• Muffler

• Exhaust manifolds

• Catalytic Converters

• Exhaust Pipes

Electronic System Repairs

• Check Engine Light Engine Control System and Sensor

• Transmission Control System and Sensor

• Emission Control System

• (ABS) Antilock Braking System

• (SRS) Air Bag System

• (TMS) Tire Monitoring System

• Body Computer System Repair

• Battery Testing

• Altenator

• Turn Signal and Brake Light

• Head Light and Park Light

• Windshield Wiper System

• Horn

• Heater and Air Conditioning

• Power Windows

• Power Locks

• Power Mirrors

• Power Seats

• Electrical Wiring Harness

• Interior Lights

• Diagnostic

Axle, Driveshaft and Transmissions

• Front Drive Axels

• Driveshaft Universal Joints

• Transmission Service

• 4 Wheel Drive Transfer Case

• 4 Wheel Drive Front Locking Hubs

• Wheel Bearing

• Hub Bearing

• Axle Bearing

• Rear Axel Gear and Overhaul

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